Health Services



The pharmacy fills and dispenses prescriptions for our Active duty, Reservist, Civilian, and other beneficiary counterparts both for ambulatory patients and patients in an inpatient status. 

The pharmacy also:  

  1. Prepares complex drug regimens for clinical protocols

  2. Independently designs patient specific drug regimens based on pharmacokinetic principles and specific patient lab values

  3. Compounds specialized drug formulations based on medical staff request for an individual patient

  4. Serves as a drug information center for the hospital staff and patients

Permanent Change of Station

If you are transferring to Naval Hospital Rota we are happy to transfer your prescription subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The prescription must be from a DOD Pharmacy (Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, etc.)

  2. The prescription must have refills remaining and has not expired

  3. The drug must be carried at our pharmacy

TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery

Contact Us



(011)34-956-82-3565 DSN: 314-727-3565                                

Calling from Rota Base:





Room E050 (Across from Lab waiting area)


Mon-Fri: 0730-1700
Weekends & Holidays: Closed

After Hours/Holidays:

Emergency Room, Hospital Discharge, Inpatient Prescriptions only.

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