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Do you have to sign up for your dental plan separately like in the U.S.?

For dental care, you do not have to enroll in or continue the United Concordia dental plan when stationed at NAVSTA Rota, but we recommend to maintain your dental coverage. If you are not enrolled or chose to discontinue dental coverage and are referred for care on the economy or require emergency dental treatments outside of the MTF, you will be responsible for the full amount charged. 

Is there an orthodontist?

Yes, there is an orthodontist.  Priority and policy to receive Orthodontic treatment at US Navy Hospital Rota is based on BUMEDINST 6670.2B series. According to the Navy instruction, anyone that transfers in orthodontic appliances “after” orders were written cannot be guaranteed follow on care at the Naval Hospital. If orthodontic appliances were placed “prior” to orders being written, then follow on care is guaranteed. Otherwise, any orthodontic care received is based on a score determined by evaluation/exam completed by the staff orthodontist.  Unfortunately active duty members assigned to operational commands located in Rota are not eligible for care. 

The first step in the process is having a complete exam completed by a general dentist or the pediatric dentist in the clinic and then referred for orthodontic evaluation.  The orthodontist uses a standardized Navy form in which each category being evaluated is assigned a score.  The total is added up to determine the patient's Handicap Index of Malocclusion (HIM).  

Patients are chosen for orthodontic treatment by an orthodontic selection board based on the HIM score and having adequate time on station to complete treatment.  The total number of selected is based on availability and adequate supplies.  Again, transfer patients that had orthodontic appliances placed prior to the active duty sponsor's orders being written have first priority. By instruction, a Navy orthodontist is not obligated to treat anyone initiating orthodontic treatment after the active duty sponsor's orders were written. That patient must go through the evaluation/selection process with everyone else.   

By instruction it is recommended that treatment not be initiated on patients with less than  18 months  on station. The orthodontic clinic has no control over the treatment needs of the patient population. The number of patients with high HIM scores can vary tremendously over time.  It has been determined by the Navy that those with the greatest need will receive orthodontic care first regardless of the number of people with lower scores who have been patiently waiting.  In order to treat everyone that wants orthodontic care, we need more orthodontists, more space, more staff, and more funding.  We truly wish we could treat everyone, as It is the worst part of the job to have to deny care to anyone, but we have to follow the guidelines we are given.  

The selection process is fair to all but it's a service that is much sought after and thus only the most severe cases are selected for treatment.   If treatment has already started you need to request an "AAO Transfer Form" and orthodontic records from your current orthodontist and bring that with you to Rota.  The orthodontic division will continue to give high quality care to as many people as possible.

What other dental specialties are available at USNH Rota? 

We currently have the following specialties available at USNH Rota:

   General Dentistry






   Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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