About Us

About Us

U.S. Naval Hospital Rota provides health services for all active duty personnel, retirees, DoD civilians and contract employees and family members in the Rota community.  In addition to in-patient and out-patient services, ancillary health services include laboratory, pharmacy and radiology.  Outpatient clinics provide primary care with specialty support in aviation medicine, dental, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, optometry, orthopedics, pediatrics, psychiatry, family practice, physical therapy and surgery.  With more than 250 health care professionals supporting your community facility, the hospital staff strives daily to provide the best health care in the world.

Emergency services are available 24/7.  Please call 956-82-3305/3560 or 727-3305/3560 for further information.


Compassionately caring for the Military Family with a Ready Medical Force that Safeguards Warfighter Readiness.


To integrate medical power projection, equipped platforms, strong partnerships, highly reliable healthcare, and a ready medical force into optimized warfighter lethality for all domain Naval superiority.


#1: Staff Morale

Invest in our people.
Create and maintain the best place to serve and the best place to receive care.

#2: Diversity -> Inclusion -> Belonging

Leverage our diversity. 
Build a culture of unconditional inclusivity. 
Lead to a sense of belonging.

#3: Communication

Optimize Communication. 
Seek new and improved tools to enhance each touchpoint along the care and leadership continuum.

#4: Staff Skills

Sharpen our skills. 
Commit to continuous professional development and operational training.

#5: Partnerships

Strengthen partnerships. 
Build upon the quality of care we promise to our patients. 
Serve the Fleet and Operational Forces.

Philosophy:  "Leave a Legacy"

​Help others and yourselves to have an optimal experience during your tour. With a climate that fosters mutual respect, inclusivity, and psychological safety, growth and development of the staff will be optimal. As a command we will excel at meeting the rapidly evolving complexities of health care and readiness. In so doing, we will contribute to health, readiness, and lethality within our area of responsibility (AOR). These are the 4 (+1) experience focus areas, with brief descriptions:

STAFF: Your experience as a member of the Command matters. It matters a lot. That includes the entirety of our blended family (active duty, civilian, and families) and their dependents. When you are helping each other, please strive to get to yes whenever possible. Ensure you go above and beyond with customer service. Make a difference! Additionally, studies have shown that the single most important factor in an employee’s engagement is not who is at the top, but the relationship with their immediate supervisor. For most of you that is an LPO or a department head. Your Triad’s role is to ensure that leaders at all levels are acquiring and developing the tools in their toolboxes to provide their direct reports with opportunities for developing resilience, autonomy, mastery, and a sense of purpose. The Triad will also be working on maximizing communications in a variety of formats.

PATIENT CARE: Satisfaction matters – it increases compliance and directly correlates with better health care outcomes. Please take the time to learn all you can about JOES, ICE, and CDA, among others. You will find that the overwhelming majority is positive - utilize it!

AOR: NAVEUR – NAVAF, SIXTH FLEET (all fleet and operational forces) / MTFs in Naples and Sigonella. We have the honor of supporting every warfighter’s READINESS and health (physical and mental) in our AOR. That is inclusive of those in garrison and those traversing the region. As a supporting element, this is one important way we contribute to lethality.

HIGHER HEADQUARTERS (HHQ): NMFL – ISIC / SG / BUMED / DHA / CNO / CMC. If we get all of the above right, they are going to love us! I will be letting you know what priorities and needs are from HHQ, but regardless of where the winds of change take us, we cannot go wrong with doing our best for our staff, patients, partners, and the fleet. 

+ (we all have a boss)​

There will be more granularity regarding these focus areas coming your way throughout my tour. Not only will the concepts become familiar, but you will see measurable ways to get after the goals. The Triad will strive to infuse the value of “EVERY EXPERIENCE MATTERS” into our culture and daily operations. As a start, I will be closely watching and learning from all of you prior to setting specific Command priorities. The Mission and Vision may or may not change; I will be asking you for your input and, collectively as a Command, we will be making that decision. If they are changed, it will be from the bottom up. Lastly, embrace your time in Rota. This is a dream duty station. Consider yourself fortunate and please let me help you to get the most out of your time here, personally and professionally. 
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