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Education and Developmental Intervention Services

Children who are found to have significant delays in motor, self-help, social-emotional, cognitive, and/or communication skills are eligible for services. An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed and implemented by a team of providers.

  • Free developmental screenings and comprehensive evaluations for Free developmental screenings and comprehensive evaluations for children 0-36 months

  • Developmental screenings at well-child visits at the US Naval Hospital for children 5 and younger

  • Early Intervention services including speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and special instruction are provided in the home or daycare for children found eligible. An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed with the parent to determine goals

  • Space Available services are offered to children who do not qualify for services but would benefit from intervention. Space A services are offered depending on therapist availability

  • Special playgroups and programs for children and parents

  • Related services (occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychological services) for students, ages 3-21, who are referred by the Rota DoD School (DGF) Case Study Committee (CSC).

Early Intervention services are:

  • Provided in the child’s natural environment: Parents decide the location in which their child will be best served. Services usually take place at the family’s home; however visits can also occur at the child’s daycare or at the EDIS clinic.

  • Family centered: Parents play a key role in Early Intervention. They help decide the goals of intervention, participate in home visits, provide valuable input about their child’s progress, and follow through with EDIS recommendations. Parents are the only ones who decide if and when information about their child is to be shared with schools, agencies or other individuals.

  • Play based: Home visits are relaxed and enjoyable times that we spend together with you and your child. Activities are generally play based, although we can also work on feeding or other daily activities as appropriate.

Community Outreach Activities

Programs for Children and Parents

As a service to the Rota community, EDIS currently offers a monthly developmental playgroup for young children and their parents creating a new theme and activities for each month.  Call us at 727-4029, or see our flyer for this month's play group under Monthly Updates in the left column. Past program offerings have included baby sign classes; indoor gross motor playgroups; toddler talk and play groups; infant massage classes; yoga for children; social skills toddler playgroups; and parenting programs.   


Parents of children from birth to 36 months can contact EDIS:

  1. For general information about how children develop.

  2. To ask specific questions about their child’s development.

  3. To discuss concerns.

  4. To request a screening or evaluation.

 727-4029 (DSN) or (011) 34-956-82-4029 (Commercial)

For children ages 3-21, call DGF School at 727-4435.

Screenings and Evaluations

Screenings and evaluations are typically conducted in the family’s home. A screening is a quick overview of a child’s development by a member of the EDIS staff and the parent. Results of that screening determine if further assessment is necessary. An evaluation is a more in-depth examination of a child’s development. Evaluations are completed by at least two EDIS staff members. Results of the standardized testing, in addition to clinical judgment, child’s history, and parent information, determine if the child is currently developing as expected for a child his or her age. We look at the following areas of development.

  • Physical (coordinating and using the large and small muscles)

  • Cognitive (thinking and solving problems)

  • Communication (understanding and expressing needs and ideas)

  • Self-help (dressing, eating, toileting)

  • Social (relating to others)

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