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Refill Operations & FAQs

Our pharmacy uses an automated phone-in refill system, which is highly encouraged. 

  • Before calling, have your prescription numbers and the last four numbers of your sponsor’s social security number readily available.

  • If you are having difficulty using the system or if you want to speak with a pharmacy staff member directly, you can contact us during normal duty hours at 956-82-3565 or 727-3565. 

  • Refills called into our automated system will be available for pick-up after 1200 on the next duty day.

  • We recommend refills are called in at least 7 days before you run out of medication.

  • Refills not picked up with-in 10 days of your original request will be returned to stock, so please pick-up your refills as soon as possible.

  • Upon calling the Refill line, a series of steps are provided to guide you through this process. There are also several options to select from.

  • If for any reason you have any complication with using the refill line, a Pharmacy Technician is available to provide additional assistance.

We recommend the use of our Refill Services

  • Using the Refill Line will save you time and energy.

  • It is easily Accessible.

  • It is highly recommended among Patients

Pharmacy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why doesn't the pharmacy carry all medications?

It is impossible to stock every medication available on the market. The Pharmacy Department works in concert with the medical staff to select medications that meet the needs of all beneficiaries. See below for other possible options.

I came in on my lunch hour thinking I would be able to get my children's prescriptions but it's taking too long and I have to leave. The lunch period is always so busy, how can I avoid this in the future?

Typically the pharmacy is busiest between 1100 to 1300 due to the large volume of patients seen at the hospital clinics , around lunch hours. Coming before or after this time period decreases your chances of waiting for an extended amount of time.

Why is it taking so long for me to get to a window if it only takes a few minutes to fill my prescriptions?

Multiple Pharmacy Operations are currently in progress. Tickets are also prioritized to process prescriptions appropriately , and timely. Also as the workload increases, pharmacy operations are regulated in a manner that adjust with the necessity to properly process and fill all prescriptions.

I was just seen by my Primary Care provider who said my prescription is waiting and ready to be picked up. Why do I have to get a ticket and wait if it's already done?

All patients need to take a ticket in order to be served. This allows us to be fair to all our beneficiaries. When your provider tells you that your prescription is ready, he's telling you that it is in the computer. It has NOT been filled. The actual filling of your prescription begins when you are called to a dispensing window. This allows us to check allergies and possible drug interactions that your provider may or may not be aware of. This is part of the process of exceeding the standard of care you receive here at Naval Hospital Rota

Contact Us

Use the Automated Refill System

You may request refills 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing:

Phone: 956-82-32-43 or 727-3243

Or Contact the Pharmacy Directly

Phone:  956-82-3565 or 727-3565
From Monday to Friday 0730-1630

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