Health Services

Operational Forces Medical Liaison (OFML) & Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC)

Welcome to Rota - Gateway to the Mediterranean.  The following guidelines will ensure prompt, effective support to meet your needs here in Rota.  Please contact the OFMLS staff via e-mail to obtain information and forms for patient registration, scheduling appointments, and biowaste removal.

If medical appointments are needed or a patient is being medevac’d here for treatment, please inform us via phone, message or e-mail as soon as possible. In order to register the patient and schedule appointments, we require: patient’s full name, rank, SSN or DOD ID number, date of birth, and command UIC.

Please note due to current renovations of the enlisted barracks, on-base billeting is limited. There is no specified transient barracks available. It has been necessary for patients to obtain lodging on the local economy. OFMLS will assist patients to avoid hardships and minimize costs.

Communication between the OFMLS and your command is vital. If you send a patient to our facility, please inform us ASAP. We will acknowledge all email and message traffic requesting assistance.

The OFMLS will meet all ships making port calls at NAVSTA Rota. Any assistance within our capabilities will be provided as expeditiously as possible.

1.  All personnel sent from ships (not inport in Rota) must have 30 day, funded TAD orders. This is a Sixth Fleet requirement.

     a.  Ensure block 11 on TAD orders (NAVPERS 1320/16) reads 30 days.

     b.  Please make sure block 13 states TAD “from (patient’s command)” and “to NAVHOSP ROTA SP.”

     c.  Check block 16, should authorize additional travel for continuation of medical treatment at different MTF in-theater or to CONUS. 

    d.  Please ensure that block 17 has appropriate accounting data.

    e.  Block 18 has the monetary amount. 

PERSUPPDET Rota no longer cuts hard checks for per diem. Member should have advanced per diem before departing their command.

2.   To facilitate a smooth transition into our medical system we ask that the following protocol be used:

     a.  Emergencies will be seen in the Emergency Room. All other personnel are required to have a consultation sheet (SF 513) in their medical record, funded TAD orders, ID cards, medical record, and dental record for personnel having dental appointments. Personnel referred for psychiatric/psychological evaluations must have an escort. All personnel are required to be in an appropriate uniform for their appointment.

    b.   Fleet personnel arriving during normal working hours must report to the OFMLS upon arrival for appointment coordination, berthing arrangements, and all other assistance required. The OFLMS is located off the Hospital Quarterdeck.

    c.   Patients arriving after normal working hours should be directed to report to the Emergency Room where they will be assisted accordingly. In addition, we ask that the patient evaluated in the emergency room be instructed to report to the OFMLS the following work day. This allows accountability and guidance, ensures that the personnel are evaluated appropriately, and are returned to duty without undue delays. Anticipate weekly updates on all personnel remaining at our MTF. 

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COMM: +34 956-82-3332/3554
24 HR DUTY: +34 638-411-005


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Hospital Quarterdeck

COMM +34-956-82-3305
DSN 314-727-3305

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